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Supporting international expansion with vertemax

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About Our Rebrand

We have come together under one brand to become Think One.  We have always thought differently; it has helped us to grow. We have always embraced change; it has helped us to thrive.  And, as our client partners experience change, we are there to help them adapt and grow.   From the hastening speed of digital transformation, how we store & protect data, how we safeguard against cyber threats, to the importance of brand integrity & balanced

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Considering A Career at Think One?

Like any mutually beneficial relationship, it has become increasingly common for employees to ask more from the workplace in terms of vision alignment. When searching for a new role, it doesn’t sound unreasonable to expect the place you’re spending a large chunk of your day to share some similarities with your world view, your morals

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Elevating Vertemax To New Heights

We are delighted to be working with Vertemax, the workzone safety company, a business that has achieved new heights in recent years, including its recent acquisition by Haki, a Midway Holding Group Company. Vertemax has built a widespread reputation as an innovative business, particularly around edge-protection (safety barriers and equipment protecting those working at height)

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